Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lawyer by day, Loyar Buruk by night.

I often joke about what I do for a living. When asked I will say, I'm a lawyer by day & a loyar buruk by night. Nobody seems to believe me! I don't even look like a lawyer and of course don't have the loyar buruk look!

Lawyers can be loyar buruk too, at times. Committee members of the Bar Council are just loyar buruk to me! When Zaid became a minister, the Bar Council was the first to instigate Zaid on the apologies to Salleh Abas & gang. So many years ago in 1984, Zaid was the Secretary to the Bar Council. That was the exact reason for the support to Zaid. I don't know where Ambiga was then in 1984 and even if she was around, nobody seem to know her or remember her.

Lawyers do think they know the law better then anybody else. Some will go round telling others that he is a senior lawyer and should be given due respect etc etc . Some even go to the extend of ferrying all the law books from his office to the court when he appears in court. Do they really know the law? nay....

Knowing the law and practising the law are two different thing. The "conversion to Islam" forum held by the Bar Council clearly show how stupid they are. They know the law but they don't know the practical day to day running of the law. Why just talk of conversion to Islam? What about the conversion to Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism etc. when they are talking about the problems faced by the children of the converts. In the first place, what is the need for the forum?

Why pick on Islam when they know that according to the law as stated in the Federal Constitution, Islam is the official religion of the Malaysia. Of course they know the law but they are just stupid enough not to know what they did was stupid!

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  1. This particular argument by the Bar Council seems to give the impression that they only have a shallow understanding of the type of multi racial/religious society that Malaysia has developed over the years and the forces that shape the thinking of the people.

    It is well known that the stability of Muslims society depends on Malays and the stability of Malays has a direct effect on the stability of the country.


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