Monday, July 14, 2008

Can BN grow healthier? With or without U lah!

(1) To all my friends yang rasa diri mereka telah terpinggir selepas PRU 12. Ketua Bahagian yang tidak dicalonkan semula. EXCO yang tak jadi EXCO lagi. YB yang bukan YB lagi. Dan kepada yang akan kalah atau tidak bertanding dalam pemilihan UMNO, MIC & MCA kali ini.

(2) BN need penjenamaan semula or call it what ever u like. Rebranding, reinvent or whatever Re... BN and all its component parties need to change. Thats it...CHANGE! Stop apple polishing, lip service, ampu, bodek and the yes man attitude.

(3) It takes a great man to say NO! Saying YES is much easier than saying NO cos when u say NO u can be construed as rude, sombong, snobbish & the likes. Say YES u will be seen as cultured, well mannered, bersopan santun, berbudi bahasa & this & that & so forth.

(4) Been a member of an organisation we are bound by rules & regulations, ethics & discipline. Be it a member of a political party or a golf or bowling clubs, we are all bound by their principles & objectives. If u are just an ordinary member, u are supposed to support the leaders or the office bearers. U are not supposed to "jump the gun" in all matters including any announcement or changes to be made by the organisation. If u are the leader in the organisation, surely u will expect the ordinary members or the supporters to be a "team player" rather than some rebels or some smart hotshots.

(5) Sometime u pretend to be smart or buat pandai & people can see your stupidity. Sometime u buat bodoh or play stupid, people will see your intelect. It is actually a funny world esp. the world of politics. U just cannot say stop when u have reached the end of the road. Thats what BN (UMNO, MCA, MIC especially) should realise.

(6) To rebrand, lots of cutting & pruning need to be done. Those "cut or pruned" need to realise that they are actually doing a service to BN. Without them the BN "tree" will grow healthier...

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