Monday, June 30, 2008

Khir Toyo, Temple Issue DQ you?

This is what Dato' Ahmad Husni Hanazlah said of Khir Toyo as reported in the NST of today 30th June 2008.
If you are a leader, you are supposed to be the leader for all. Not just for the Malays or the Chinese or the Indians or the Ibans.
Was it really Khir Toyo who demolished the temple concerned? Was it not done by Orders of the Court. When I was Senior Assistant Registrar of the High Court in the 80s, I did carry out Orders to demolish too. Orders made by the Court upon Writ of Possession. Can Khir Toyo stop the Court Order? I don't think so.
If Khir Toyo was really in a position to postpone the demolition and if he did not do so, then he should be blamed. Execution of Court Orders can be postponed. Justice must always be tempered with mercy. If the temple need to be used for prayers in a few days time, why can't it be postponed?
Will there be Hindraf if not for the demolition of the temple?
If so, sorry Khir Toyo, I agree with Ahmad Husni.... I will also DQ you!

"Temple issue disqualifies you, Khir told

TANJUNG RAMBUTAN: Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo's involvement in the demolition of a Hindu temple in Selangor while he was menteri besar is coming back to haunt him.
Tambun Umno division chief Datuk Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah said the party supreme council member should not join the race for the Umno Youth chief post in December because of the incident. Ahmad Husni, who is MP for Tambun and deputy finance minister, cited the temple demolition last October as the main reason for asking Dr Mohd Khir to drop out of the race."The Hindu community was very hurt (with the demolition). How can you demolish a temple? What if a mosque was demolished? What do you think will happen? "Political leaders should not do this type of thing. I do not give face to this type of political leader (referring to Dr Mohd Khir). He has done wrong and, therefore, must withdraw (from the race)," he said after launching a mobile service unit for his constituency here yesterday.
Ahmad Husni said Dr Mohd Khir should not have offered himself for the post as he had failed to guard the interests of the Indian community in Selangor while he was menteri besar, adding that the people of Selangor voted for the opposition because of his actions.He said politicians should keep in mind that they had a higher benchmark to satisfy, especially if they held high public office. "Their actions will be judged because of the position they hold. This (being morally accountable) must be the number one consideration. Therefore, he (Dr Mohd Khir) should withdraw from the race."

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