Monday, March 31, 2008

Political or Apolitical

With the conclusion of the 12th GE, lots have been said by so many parties. One blaming the other and putting faults at each other.
People are engaged in political talks and there are many who remained apolitical. Many just prefer to see and laugh at the jokes on certain matters or individuals circulated via sms or the internet media.
The creative and entertaining sms makes us smile and at time laughters. In the Clubhouse or the coffee shops people are exchanging sms with each other. Makes me wonder the amount of money generated by the mobilephone service providers.
Sometime I do wonder what will happen to UMNO. Macam-masam cerita sudah didengar. Ada rekaan ada benar. After PRU 12, UMNO akan mulakan satu lagi Pilihanraya. Mungkin ini lebih interesting lagi. Di Cawangan dan Bahagian sudah mula terasa bahang dan arus. Ada yang mahu yang lama untuk terus dikekalkan dan tidak pula kurang hebatnya mahu yang baru mengambil alih.

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