Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Do we need Ezam? Take him out of the bye elections!

Do we need Ezam to campaign for BN in Bukit Gantang or Bukit Selambau or Batang Ai? Is it so important and do we need Ezam to strip everything and all that he knew about Anwar Ibrahim?

Who cares about Anwar in Bukit Gantang or Bukit Selambau or Batang Ai? Do we think that the kampong folks care about Anwar? What he did or what he did not?

As in all bye elections in the past, the kampong folks care about their own lives and whether they will have enough food and money in their pocket. Do we think the kampong folks care whether Anwar will go to jail or will be the next PM? Do we think that they care whether Anwar has got how many boxes of government secrets or whatever?

What they care is whether the toll rate will be increased or not. Whether the price of petrol will remain as it is now or will it be increased again? To the kampong folks, what they care is whether the wakil rakyat to be and his campaigners can deliver some "batu and pasir" to patch up the "lubang and lopak" of their kampong roads.

Why must we spoil their minds about stories of Anwar and Ezam the one to vouch that all his stories are true? Don't be silly by bringing in Ezam as a "penceramah".

I am to Adnan Yaakob vis-à-vis Ezam is to Anwar Ibrahim. Why should I strip Adnan of anything even if I am no longer of the same party with him? Do we think Ezam is what he is without Anwar Ibrahim? Will UMNO glorify Ezam if he is not ex PolSec to Anwar Ibrahim?

Why must we create the bye elections to be battles between Ezam and whatever his agenda and Anwar Ibrahim?

We don't want others to talk bad about us, why should we ever talk bad about others then? We want all sorts of issues banned in these bye elections. Why don't we ban issue bearers? And Ezam is an issue-bearer!

Take Ezam out of the bye elections then!


actually BN needs penceramah who can articulate in lay man terms the recent stimulus package announced by datuk Najib. what are the perks and what are the direct benefits to those kampung folks. a better strategy than announcing project bidan terjun etc.

I would say not just to articulate but to translate the stimulus package in something that the kampong folks can really see physically..
Bro Dato,..ur rite,..y must we keep harping on bro Anwar's issue,..a lot more ways to win d hart of d voters den throwing allegations wic of coz r mostly speculations wthout proof.. we all noe who bro Anwar is so lets move on to sumting better like finding solution to d world economic depression...d worst have yet to come n if we r unprepared den i gess its gudbye to wat our forefathers have build,..wat else can i say,..heheh..
Your are right Bro,

Ezam should be out of this election or for that matter in any election.He is searching for a political breath..

I wonder where he keeps his 6 boxes of `political exhibits'....

Ramli Mohd Yunus
Alor Setar, Kedah.
Mission Ezam, Make sure Anwar's issue keep alive & evergreen, that definitely Trojan Horse cum Cyrus the Virus!
Salam Dato' Sam,

Mintak maaf dulu sebab my questions are off topic.

Arwah Tun Razak mempunyai hubungan yang amat rapat dengan Tengku Razaleigh. Adakah mungkin DS Najib mengambil itu sebagai factor untuk melantik Ku Li sebagai cabinet minister.

Adakah juga mungkin untuk lebih merapatkan saf UMNO khidmat Ku Li masih diperlukan lagi.

Thanks in advance and Wassalam.
ezam adalah liabiliti dalam umno,saya pun hAiran mengapa dia di terima masuk kedalam umno,jgn sampai dia jadi agen atau trojan horse untuk memusnahkan umno dari dalam,para pemimpin bn semua,harap renung2kan lah pandangan ini.

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