Thursday, January 29, 2009


SPRM pun belasah suspect?

If the police report by Halimi Kamaruzaman can be investigated carefully and fully, the truth will prevail. No one can create the truth!
See the full text of the police report here..


Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Rasuah Politik vs Rasuah SPRM

The ACA Act 1997 defines "acts of corruption" as follows:-
"Seksyen 10. Mana-mana orang yang sendiri atau melalui atau menerima bersama dengan mana-mana orang lain—

(a) secara rasuah meminta atau menerima atau bersetuju untuk menerima bagi dirinya atau bagi mana-mana orang lain; atau
(b) secara rasuah memberikan, menjanjikan atau menawarkan kepada mana-mana orang sama ada bagi faedah orang itu atau bagi faedah orang lain, apa-apa suapan sebagai dorongan untuk atau upah bagi, atau selainnnya oleh sebab—

(aa) mana-mana orang melakukan atau tidak melakukan apa-apa jua berkenaan dengan apa-apa perkara atau transaksi, sama ada yang sebenar atau yang dicadangkan atau yang mungkin berlaku; atau
(bb) mana-mana pegawai sesuatu badan awam melakukan atau tidak melakukan apa-apa jua berkenaan dengan apa-apa perkara atau transaksi, sama ada yang sebenar atau yang dicadangkan atau yang mungkin berlaku, yang dengannya badan awam itu terlibat, adalah melakukan suatu kesalahan."

Those convicted under this section 10 can be punished under section 17 :-

"Seksyen 17. Mana-mana orang yang didapati bersalah di bawah seksyen 10, 11, 13, 14, 15 atau 16 boleh:-

(a) dipenjarakan selama tempoh tidak kurang daripada enam bulan dan tidak lebih daripada dua puluh tahun;

(b) didenda tidak kurang daripada lima kali ganda jumlah atau nilai suapan yang menjadi hal perkara kesalahan itu jika suapan itu dapat dinilai atau berbentuk wang, atau sepuluh ribu ringgit, mengikut mana-mana yang lebih tinggi."

Punishment under the ACA Act 1997 is very severe. A member of Raub UMNO had been charged under Section 10 (b) (aa) of the Act. He is a government servant.

Compare the above with the actions taken by UMNO for politik wang. Those convicted were merely suspended from membership for a period of time or at the most sacked from the party and can continue their normal lives inside or outside UMNO.

Recently, just before CNY, a few other members of UMNO in Pahang had been detained and questioned by SPRM for alleged involvement in politik wang.

If they are charged, they will be liable to jail of a least 6 months or to fines. If they are Government servants, they stand to lose their jobs etc etc...

UMNO want it to happen which way?

p/s   SPRM is in force w.e.f 1st January 2009


Sunday, January 25, 2009


Happy Chinese New Year 快乐的农历新年



达图斯Shamsuddin Nawawi 

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


What else can be done?

How do we fare in the Kuala Terengganu Bye Election?

Pulau Rusa was assigned to :- Rompin - Indera Mahkota - Raub - Bera

Kg Paloh was assigned to :- Bentong - Temerloh - Pekan - Kuantan - Paya Besar - Kuala Krau

Losong Datok Amar was assigned to :- Maran - Lipis - Cameron Highlands - Jerantut.

In total there was an increase of 194 to Pas from the 3 polling stations assigned to UMNO Pahang. Where do we go from here?


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


From paper to the septic tanks!

Ti Lian Ker wrote in defence of DS Najib over my earlier posting. Typical of a axed political aspirant wanting and craving for lost political post, the defeated Ti Lian Ker wrote to the extend that if DS Najib were to read his post, DS Najib might be tempted to offer him a post come March 2009.
Surely the Senatorship held by the Pahang MCA will be vacated by the present holder in due course and Ti's saliva is all over waiting to prey on it.

Come March 2009 when DS Najib become the PM, Ti Lian Ker with his posting POOR he's a whipping boy! printed in gold will be walking the corridors of Putrajaya. He will tell DS Najib to repay what he had done.He will promote himself as the most eligible candidate for Kuantan Parliament seat and it will be his for the taking?. No one else is as good!

Promoting oneself and "bodek" culture is part and parcel of political have been? One might ask what will happen to recycled products? From paper to tissue paper to toilet paper and thereafter to the septic tanks!

Two terms of observing the "bodek" culture and promoting oneself have made me feel like vomiting!

(Told you Ti Lian Ker ... don't step on my tail!)


Monday, January 19, 2009


It's Najib's Fault!

I am now back in Kuantan after 2 weeks in KT. I was planning to catch up with lost sleep but I just simply can't! I have to take this out of my chest.
Umno/BN lost in KT because of Najib! I will say that to him if I happen to see him the next time.

I don't blame Wan Farid for the defeat. Najib has to take the blame. He knew fully well that Wan Farid is not at all popular in KT. Wan Farid was Pak Lah's choice and not the choice of the people or voters in KT. I had written about Wan Farid being sombong earlier. Yes he is sombong! He does not know how to adapt to the lifestyles of KT. He is not a typical KT boy! He will not eat or have a cup of coffee in the warong. Even if he do, he will not belanja the person on the next table. That is not a politician way. I was surprise to pay just 30 sen for a cup of tea in KT. Any politician should be able to belanja the whole warung for that matter! It's not 3 ringgit, it is just 30 sen!
I had complained and questioned why Wan Farid's house not turned into a bilik gerakan during the by-election. Being the calon, his house should be full of people all the time with running breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner. But there was none. His house was quiet with no visitors, nothing and not many people know where his house is. In KT if you cannot enter someone's house, that someone is sombong!

Najib knew that. Najib knew all the weaknesses of Wan Farid. YET he was so scared to tell the truth to Pak Lah. He dare not say to Pak Lah that he wants someone else! Najib is weak! Najib is not the person who will go against Pak Lah even when Pak Lah is wrong. Najib wants to maintain the tradition of not going against the President of Umno. Even when Najib is in pain he will not say so, if Pak Lah were to ask him! That's the kind of man he is!

Najib was the Pengarah Jentera Pilihanraya Kecil KT and yet Pak Lah came over to KT to campaign. Najib dare not say to Pak Lah not to come. Najib knew that Pak Lah is no longer influential in KT. Najib dare not say to Pak Lah not to mess up the campaign. Najib dare not say to Pak Lah to let him run the show. Pak Lah is about to retire in March and yet Najib is so scared to tell Pak Lah to lay off.

Najib merely accepted what Pak Lah told him what to do and who should be the calon. Najib is lembik in that sense. He should have been brave enough to say to Pak lah that come March he will lead Malaysia and KT is the beginning of his long journey. Najib don't have the balls to stand up to what he think is the right thing to do.

Forget about the other things. To me, Umno/BN lost because Najib failed to reason out with Pak Lah. Najib should have told Pak Lah that Wan Farid is the wrong choice!

Don't blame Wan Farid, blame Najib for agreeing with Pak Lah's suggestion of the calon!

I know, what I say here will not go well with Najib's boys. But I don't care! I stand by what I say and I know the truth hurts and the truth cannot be created!


Monday, January 12, 2009


Pahang suing Seruan Gemilang Makmur Sdn Bhd

Earlier I had promised to write on the alleged claim by Seruan Gemilang Makmur Sdn. Bhd (SGM) against the State of Pahang for the sum of RM37 million. There were also statements in the MSM, blogs and other media that the claim had amounted to RM60 million. Allegations were also made that the MB of Pahang will be sent to jail for failing to pay SGM and all sorts of other allegations, rumours and smear campaign against the MB. Some had even alleged that the MB had not taken any steps to solved the problem and worst still, they was also allegation that Pahang will be bankrupt as a result of the claim by SGM.

Pahang had filed by a Writ and Statement of Claim dated the 22nd of December, 2008 against SGM. That Writ & Statement of Claim is yet to be extracted from the Kuantan High Court. I have a full copy of the Writ & Statement of Claim and since it is not extracted from Court it cannot be produced in full here. It is also not served on the Defendant SGM yet. Nevertheless the gist of the Statement of Claim are listed below :-





2. PENGARAH PERHUTANAN NEGERI PAHANG ..........................................................PLAINTIFFS


SERUAN GEMILANG MAKMUR SDN BHD ....................................................................DEFENDANT


  1. The 1st Plaintiff is the State Government of Pahang with an address for service at Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Pahang Darul Makmur, Wisma Sri Pahang, Jalan Gambut, 25000 Kuantan Pahang Darul Makmur.
  2. The 2nd Plaintiff is the Director of Forestry for the State of Pahang with an address for service at Tingkat 5, Kompleks Tun Razak, Bandar Indera Mahkota, Kuantan Pahang Darul Makmur.
  3. The Defendant is a private limited company incorporated under the laws of Malaysia and having its address for service at No. 10 Tingkat 1 Lorong Tun Ismail 1, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur.

In the earlier case whereby SGM sued the State of Pahang, the Judge had ruled in favour of SGM. His findings can be summarised as follows:-

Findings of the learned Judge

The learned Judge accepted the testimony of inter-alia the Defendant's 1st witness in particular the purported approval of the Pahang state exco of the said blue plan tendered by the Defendant. The learned Judge made such a finding, even though the Defendant had not produced any form of documentation at the trial of the abovementioned matter evidencing the Pahang state exco's approval of the said blue plan. The critical findings made by the learned Judge are inter-alia in essence as follows:-

  1. That the plan approved by the Pahang state exco on 5/4/2000 was the said blue plan as tendered by the Defendant.
  2. The 2nd Plaintiff had acted negligently in refusing to adhere to the new plan approved by the Pahang state exco in April 2000 and by insisting on the utilization of the original plan approved by the Pahang state exco in 1998.
  3. That there was no evidence before the Court indicating that the plan approved by the state exco on 5/4/2000 was not in existence and therefore it can be assumed that the said new plan approved by the state exco on 5/4/2000 was in fact the latest plan approved by the state and correspondingly the 2nd Plaintiffs failure to adhere to the said blue plan amounted to negligence.
  4. The evidence before the Court detailed that there was an area of 3000 acres that the Defendant was prevented from extracting timber from and the said 3000 acres had a high density of trees.
  5. No concrete reasoning and/or explanation was advanced by the 2nd Plaintiff as to its failure to utilize the purported current plan approved by the Pahang state exco on 5/4/2000.
  6. Although the Defendant had failed to call the licensed surveyor who signed off on the said blue plan the Court was of the view that this was not fatal as what was important was the outcome and/or product of the survey which on the facts the Court was the view was the said blue plan tendered by the Defendant herein.
  7. The Plaintiffs' contend and will contend that the learned Judge's finding of liability against the Plaintiffs in the abovementioned Civil Suit No.: MT(2)-21-9-2002 was primarily premised upon the evidence led by the Defendant that the said blue plan bearing number JB-P/P/8044 (P2) had received the approval of the Pahang state exco in the year 2000.

Fraud / Perjury

  1. Pursuant to a report of corruption, the files of inter-alia the Pekan District land office pertaining to the parcel known as PT 6959 Mukim Bebar were seized by the Pahang State Anti Corruption Agency ("ACA"). This seizure, the Plaintiffs contend occurred prior to the commencement of the abovementioned trial in Civil Suit No.: MT(2)-21-9-2002.
  2. As a result of it's investigations, the 1st Plaintiff has discovered that the Pahang state exco at the exco meeting held on 5/4/2000 pursuant to its decision MMK 5/2000 had approved a plan as contained in enclosure 22 in the Pekan District land office file bearing number PTP7-1015.
  3. Sometime on / or about the 7/11/2008, just after the state ACA had returned the Pekan District land office file no. PTP7-1015 to the district land office, the legal Advisor for the 1st Plaintiff had the occasion to check the relevant file and discovered that the said enclosure 22 in file number PTP7-1015 in fact referred to a letter dated 17/7/1998 from Messrs "Jurukur Bersatu", licensed surveyors, to the Pekan Land Administrator. The said letter referred to plan no. JB-P/P/8044. However the said plan No JB-P/P/8044 was mysteriously missing from the said file.
  4. Upon checks done with the Pahang state ACA whom had made a copy of the Pekan district land office file number PTP7-1015, the 1st Plaintiff has now obtained the enclosed plan No JB-P/P/8044 which was the plan approved by the Pahang state exco in it's meeting dated 5/4/2000.
  5. The enclosed plan No JB-P/P/8044 the Plaintiffs have now discovered is similar to the said yellow plan approved by the Pahang state exco in 1998.

Premised on the abovementioned, the Plaintiffs have since discovered that the Defendant has deceived the Kuantan High Court in Civil Suit No.: MT(2)-21-9-2002 and correspondingly inter-alia the Defendant's 1st witness, the said Lee Sin has committed perjury before the Kuantan High Court.

  1. The Plaintiffs contend and will contend that the testimony of the Defendant's 1st witness, the said Lee Sin, were false and untrue. The specific particulars of the perjury committed by the said Lee Sin.
  2. The Defendant's 1st witness the said Lee Sin at the time when the Statements were made in Court knew them to be false and untrue and/or made the statements in the absence of any genuine belief that it is true.
  3. The Plaintiffs contend and will contend that the documents used at the trial by the Defendant were not what they purported to be and correspondingly the trial was tainted with fraud. As a result of the purported evidence led before the Court, the Plaintiffs contend that the Court was deceived into arriving at it's findings pertaining to the concession approved by the Pahang state exco in the year 2000.

Particulars of deceit

  1. Tendering into evidence plan bearing number JB-P/P/8044 (P2) as the plan approved by the Pahang state exco in the year 2000.
  2. Withholding from the Kuantan High Court the evidence of the surveyor who prepared plan bearing number JB-P/P/8044 (P2).
  3. The presentation of false testimony in Court.
  4. Tendering into evidence a comparison of 2 (two) plans as per page 5 of the Plaintiff's (now Defendant) Bundle of Documents.
  5. The presentation of evidence before the Kuantan High Court detailing a shortage of 3000 acres of purportedly virgin forest wherein the Defendant was not allowed to extract timber.
  6. The presentation of evidence of purported trespass inside the parcel delineated by the said blue plan bearing number JB-P/P/8044 (P2).
  7. The presentation of evidence of purported damage suffered inside the parcel delineated by the said blue plan bearing number JB-P/P/8044 (P2)
  8. As a result of the purported evidence led before the Court, the Plaintiffs contend that the Court was deceived into arriving at it's findings pertaining to the concession approved by the Pahang state exco in the year 2000. The Plaintiffs contend that this deception had spread to and infected the whole body of the Judgment dated 25/5/2007.
  9. the Plaintiffs further contend that the facts and evidence pertaining to the actual approval for the concession granted by the Pahang state exco on 5/4/2000 were not before the Kuantan High Court during the trial at Civil Suit No.: MT(2)-21-9-2002.

Fresh evidence are now discovered and have also been particularised in the new Writ & Statement of Claim under the heading :-

Discovery of fresh evidence

Wherefore the Plaintiffs claim as follows:-

  1. An order that the Judgment of the High Court of Malaya at Kuantan in the state of Pahang in Civil Action No. MT(2)-21-9-2002 entered on 25/7/2007 be set aside and/or rescinded.
  2. A declaration that plan no. JB-P/P/8044 was the plan approved by the state exco of Pahang on 5/4/2000 in respect of the concession of 10,000 acres in Kampung Nenasi, Mukim Bebar in the District of Pekan, Pahang and consequently the Defendant's claim in High Court of Malaya at Kuantan Civil Suit No. MT(2)-21-9-2002 be dismissed.
  3. In the alternative, an order that a fresh trial be commenced at a time and date to be fixed in respect of the High Court of Malaya at Kuantan Civil Suit No.: MT(2)-21-9-2002.
  4. A declaration that all proceedings undertaken by the Defendant to enforce the order of the Kuantan High Court dated 25/7/2007 is a nullity.
  5. Damages.
  6. Aggravated and / or Exemplary Damages.
  7. All other consequential and necessary orders to give effect to the order made herein.
  8. Any further relief in which this Honourable Court deems proper and / or necessary.
  9. Costs for the proceedings herein and in High Court of Malaya at Kuantan Civil Suit No.: MT(2)-21-9-2002.

Dated the 22nd of December 2008

Solicitors for the Plaintiffs

We will have to wait for the outcome of the new Writ & Statement of Claim already filed by State of Pahang as stated above. The earlier claim by SGM will be challenged in Court and new evidence will be produced. If the Court were to later on declare that the claim by SGM is a nullity, SGM will have to suffer serious consequences...


Friday, January 9, 2009



I received this email from a person by the name of Mohd Peter which I think is worth sharing. It was addressed to Friends of Matthias Chang of which I must admit I am one of them...I reproduce the email in full below:-

Dear friends of Matthias,
I am disturbed by Matthias' Malaysian proposal for a flotilla of 100 ships from Muslim nations escorted by a war ship. What is needed instead is LaRouche's solution for the almost completed Israel-Syria peace deal to be finalised on the afternoon that President Obama is sworn into office. Matthias's proposal, an angry response to the barbaric Israeli invasion, will only add to the chaos and expand the war, Muslim against Muslim, as yet another divide and conquer 'British Empire' operation. Muslims must use their heads not their emotions and not fall into the British war trap which appears to have been carefully and skilfully prepared over the last 12 months with full Bush/Cheney complicity.
The British Foreign Office are past masters at these war games. Don't you think they have anticipated such angry response? What this satanic empire cannot handle is serious and genuine negotiations for peace at the highest levels. The vast majority of the world's population want a peaceful and just settlement to the never ending London manufactured Israel-Palestine conflict. An ocean of Nuclear desalinated water and a comprehensive development program which has been prepared over decades by the LaRouche movement for the whole SE Asian region must be part of the peace and will end 100 years of conflict. We cannot miss the golden opportunity presented by what seems to be a well advised Barack Obama becoming President in 11 days time.
Mohd Peter

Source: from Matthias Chang's website 1 Jan 09

I am calling on you Mr. Prime Minister as head of an Islamic government, as well as the opposition parties, to prove to the world that we as a nation stand for justice and morality and not hypocrisy by doing what needs to be done. The Muslims should put to shame the Christians who boast of their civilised behaviour and their so-called justice into action. If Muslims fail to take action, they are no different from the Christians which they have condemned.

I therefore call upon you, Mr. Prime Minister to issue a clarion call that all member countries of OIC, Arab-League, and NAM, each to dispatch a warship to escort a flotilla of merchant ships to ESTABLISH THE NAVAL BRIDGE FOR PALESTINE - "THE PALESTINIAN NAVAL BRIDGE FOR LIBERATION & FREEDOM".

By this single action of defiance, we shall prove to the world once and for all that the Zionist Anglo-American war criminals are cowards.

Let us see whether the fascist Zionists would dare attack a flotilla of a hundred merchant ships bearing food and medical supplies and escorted by warships of the international community.

This flotilla of ships will be continuously supported by a rotation of 50 other ships so that at any one time, there will be a minimum of 50 ships anchored permanently in the territorial waters of Palestine - the Gaza Strip to ensure peace and aid to Palestine.




Rungutan Masyarakat Cina di Kuala Terengganu

Rungutan masyarakat dan pengundi Cina yang telah saya temui di Kuala Terengganu antara lainnya adalah seperti berikut:-

  1. Masalah Geran Hakmilik Kekal bagi Kampung Baru Cina

    Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat di Perak telah umumkan pemberian geran hakmilik kekal secara berperingkat kepada penduduk Cina Kampung Baru SEDANGKAN Kerajaan BN pula tidak berniat untuk memberi geran hakmilik kekal kepada rakyat.


    Pemberian ataupun niat untuk berbuat demikian oleh kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat di Perak adalah bertentangan dengan dasar yang telah dikeluarkan olah Majlis Tanah Negara yang mana semua kerajaan negeri adalah menjadi ahli. Perkara ini jelas tidak dapat dilaksanakan dan Perak hanya bermain politik.

  2. Masalah Pendidikan Cina

    Sekolah Persendirian Cina masih memerlukan bantuan dari masyarakat Cina sendiri TETAPI kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat pula memberi peruntukan dan tanah kerajaan kepada Sekolah Persendirian Cina.

    Peruntukan Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina perlu diberi secara sistematik dan terancang.

    Memohon agar kerajaan dapat membina Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan untuk memenuhi keperluan masyarakat Cina.


    Kerajaan Barisan Nasional telah pun mengumumkan peruntukan yang begitu besar untuk tujuan seperti rungutan masyarakat Cina ini. Mungkin mereka belum dapat melihatnya secara fizikal kerana perlaksanaannya adalah berperingkat-peringkat. Masalah ini boleh diselesaikan dengan penjelasan yang perlu dibuat oleh Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia. Maklumat tidak sampai kepada mereka dan perlu disampaikan secukupnya.

  3. Kalau pilih Wakil rakyat dari Pakatan Rakyat, dia akan berkhidmat di kawasannya TETAPI Wakil Rakyat dari Barisan Nasional hanya akan berkhidmat di Kuala Lumpur.


    Ini adalah satu tanggapan yang salah sama sekali. Calon dari Pakatan Rakyat juga akan berkhidmat di Kuala Lumpur untuk ke Sidang Parlimen. Malah masanya akan dihabiskan di Parlimen dan juga sebagai ADUN dia juga terpaksa ke Sidang Dewan Undangan Negeri. Macam manakah dia dapat membahagikan masanya. Calon ini ibarat mahu berkahwin kali kedua dan sudah tentu akan timbul masalah pembahagian masa. Akhirnya nanti "yang dikejar tak dapat yang dikendong berciciran". TETAPI bagi Calon Barisan Nasional, beliau telah dijanjikan jawatan Timbalan Menteri dan sudah pasti akan membawa keuntungan kepada masyarakat Terenganu dan Kuala Terengganu secara khususnya. Kalau beliau tidak disokong dan tidak diberi undi maka hilanglah kedua-dua jawatan Timbalan Menteri yang selama ini milik Terengganu. Allahyarham Dato' Razali yang juga Timbalan Menteri sudah pun tiada. Calon PR ini bukan boleh menjadi Timbalan Menteri kerana kerajaan Pusat di bawah BN. Sebagai ADUN pun beliau tidak boleh jadi EXCO kerana Terengganu adalah di bawah BN juga.

  4. Ramai Pengundi Cina telah berpindah ke tempat lain.


    Ini adalah perkara biasa yang berlaku ditempat lain juga. Keluar ke tempat lain untuk mencari rezeki adalah perkara biasa. Mereka yang keluar ke tempat lain tetap menganggap Kuala Terengganu sebagai kampong halaman mereka. Adalah diyakini mereka akan kembali untuk mengundi. Tiada terdapat apa-apa kajian atau statistic yang mengatakan bahawa mereka itu keluar dari Kuala Terengganu kerana kelaparan atau ketiadaan peluang perniagaan di Terengganu. Merantau adalah perkara biasa. Malah mereka yang berjaya adalah dari gulungan mereka yang pergi merantau dan membawa balik kekayaan.

Jelas sekali tiada isu besar di Kuala Terengganu ini. Bandar ini sudah pun banyak perubahan secara fizikal. Kemajuan adalah amat jelas dan boleh dilihat dengan mata kasar. Tiada pilihan lain bagi penduduk dan pengundi Cina melainkan mengundi dan menyokong Barisan Nasional. Mereka sepatutnya mempertahankan satu-satunya Wakil Rakyat Cina di DUN Bandar. Mereka sepatutnya tidak membuat apa-apa desakan kepada kerajaan BN. Secara fizikalnya tiada terdapat keluarga Cina yang daif di Terengganu ini.

Kepada masyarakat Cina di Kuala Terengganu, saya yakin mereka akan bertindak secara rasional dan munasabah.


Thursday, January 8, 2009


Penyokong Pas Cium Tangan MB Pahang - The Video

Yes......finally I managed to upload the video. Watch the video in my earlier posting Penyokong Pas Cium Tangan MB Pahang



BN/UMNO MESTI Berhenti Kempen PRK Kuala Terengganu esok Jumaat 9 Jan. 2009!

Saya ingin menyeru supaya semua kempen BN/UMNO di PRK Kuala Terengganu di hentikan esok Jumaat 9hb Januari 2009. Berhenti untuk satu hari!
Sebaliknya semua jentera serta keseluruhan ahli BN/UMNO dan umat Islam yang sekarang ini berada di Terengganu mengadakan perhimpunan besar-besaran serta solat hajat selepas sembahyang Jumaat esok. Solat hajat untuk mendapat rahmat Allah dan berdoa supaya serangan tidak berperikemanusaian Isreal terhadap Gaza dihentikan segera!
Selepas solat hajat dan solat Jumaat, ahli UMNO serta semua umat Islam yang berada di Kuala Terengganu mengadakan perhimpunan raksaksa untuk melahirkan bantahan kita terhadap serangan yang sungguh zalim Israel terhadap penduduk Gaza yang tidak berdosa.
Kepada semua ahli UMNO serta orang Melayu yang mendapat nikmat kekayaan serta kemewahan melalui kemajuan ekonomi yang dibawa oleh pemerintahan BN selama ini, MESTI menghulurkan bantuan kewangan untuk membekalkan cetakan surah Yassin yang boleh dijual untuk dijadikan kutipan derma Tabung bantuan Gaza. Malahan mereka yang kaya raya atas nikmat melalui UMNO MESTI menderma secara besar-besaran kepada Tabung Gaza itu! Tunjukkanlah sikap bersyukur ANDA! dan bantulah saudara Islam kita di Gaza!
Ya Allah Ya Tuhan ku.....Selamatkan Gaza.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Penyokong Pas Cium Tangan MB Pahang

Peristiwa ini berlaku semasa dalam perjalanan ke pusat penamaan calon PRK KT pada 6hb Jan 2009 jam lebih kurang pukul 8.30 pagi. Kami dari Hotel Grand Con Kuala Terengganu menaiki kereta yang dipandu oleh MB Pahang. Saya duduk dibelakang MB dan rakamkan video ini. Yang lain dalam kereta itu adalah Dato' Ishak Mohd, Dato' Wan Rosdy dan Dato' Sharkar.
Semasa melalui jalan yang dipenuhi penyokong Pas, MB buka tingkap dan bermesra dengan penyokong-penyokong Pas dan salah seorang dari mereka bersalam dan cium tangan MB. Saksikanlah rakaman video di bawah. (Saya telah mencuba untuk upload video tetapi tidak berjaya. Mungkin broadband di KT ini slow, mungkin juga file video itu besar sangat 99.1MB. Saya akan cuba lagi sampai berjaya...InsyaAllah)
Siapa kata penyokong Pas tak hormat pemimpin UMNO/BN? Siapa kata MB Pahang tidak disenangi rakyat?

Update at 9.46 am 8th Jan. 2009
I tried uploading the video the whole of last night but without success. The connection is too slow and breaking up. Can't blame the Celcom Broadbrand since it is "wilayah Celcom".

Yes, finally at 11.06 pm I managed to upload the video!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Penamaan Calon KT berjalan secara mesra!

Kali pertama sejak 1999 iaitu sejak saya jadi Setpol, penamaan calon berjaya dalam suasana penuh mesra.

Lihat sahaja gambar-gambar yang saya lampirkan dibawah. Khemah untuk penyokong BN & PR tiada pemisah dan kelihatan pemimpin-pemimpin kedua-dua pihak berbual mesra. Suasana diluar dewan pun sangat aman dan tiada banyak sorak menyorak seperti kelazimannya. Adakah ini kematangan politik Malaysia? Atau adakah perkembangan baru yang amat sihat.
Teresa Kok berbual mesra dengan Syed Hamid dan Hisham di dalam khemah BN.
Teresa Kok berbual dengan Chua Soi Lek dan seorang lagi pemimpin DAP didalam khemah BN.
Shahrizat bercium pipi dengan seorang pemimpin wanita Pas di khemah PR.
Shahrizat berbual serta beramah mesra dengan pemimpin wanita Pas di khemah PR.
Kelihatan juga DS Shahidan Kassim dan YAB DS Isa Sabu MB Perlis berbual mesra dengan YAB Azizan MB Kedah dan DS Mahdzir Khalid dalam khemah PR (Tidak sempat diambil gambar).
YAB Nizar MB Perak duduk dan berbual mesra dengan pemimpin-pemimpin BN dalam khemah BN.
Boleh dikatakan semua pemimpin kedua-dua BN & PR saling berbual mesra. Haji Hadi datang duduk dan berbual dengan DS Najib di khemah BN.
Hanya Lim Kit Siang sahaja yang duduk tidak bergerak gerak dalam khemah PR dan tidak pun mahu bersalaman dan bermesra dengan pemimpin lain di sebelah khemah BN.

Teringat semasa saya masih lagi practice law dulu (1982 hingga 2000). Masa berhujjah dan menyoal didalam mahkamah semuanya seperti lawan yang tiada peluang untuk berdamai. Tetapi selepas itu boleh makan bersama dan gelak ketawa di cafetaria...



Wan Farid sombong?

I am now in KT. The only complaint heard so far - Wan Farid sombong. Salam tak tengok mata. No eye contact.
Pas can't find fault in him save for what Che Det had said about the proxy matter. But that again it's not from Pas! Pas can't use that as their campaign material. I guess why the former PM said that is to pre-empt Pas! When Tun M said that, the voters of KT already knew about his relationship with Pak Lah and I don't think it matters anymore. Pak Lah will retire in March and Tun M is already retired. What's wrong with being a proxy to Pak Lah? In fact all the present BN MPs are Pak Lah's proxies. They became calon during the last GE because Pak Lah chose them! That be the case Wahid Endut can also be said as the proxy to Hadi Awang as Hadi was the one who chose Wahid over all the other Pas aspirants! Thank you Tun M for giving BN the "weapon" against Pas.

Salam tak tengok muka? When you shake hands with hundreds or thousands of people you actually can't afford to see them all eyes to eyes. It's impossible! Can't blame Wan Farid for that. Everybody will have to do the same as Wan Farid. I guess Wahid is more guilty because he salam langsung tak genggam tangan! That's Pas habit actually. Salam hujung jari saja!

Terengganu must in fact think hard. If Wan Farid were to lose this by election, Terengganu will be without any (Deputy) Ministers at the Federal level. They had already lost Dato' Razali and if Wan Farid were to lose too, they will have none at all.

I don't think Wahid can be of any good in Parliament. He is not even a good State Assembly man! His constituency of Wakaf Mempelam is in such a mess! And UMNO Pahang is assigned to clean them up...What a task!


Sunday, January 4, 2009


What a Predicament!

Lawyer gets 5-cent IRS bill, 4-cent refund

Detroit defense attorney remains confused over two notices

DETROIT - James Howarth is a little confused by two letters he has received from the Internal Revenue Service. The Detroit defense lawyer received one letter in November that said he owed the IRS money — five cents. He was warned that he should pay "to avoid additional penalty and/or interest," the Detroit Free Press reported Saturday. Howarth said he then received a second letter telling him the government owes him money — four cents. He was told he would have to request the refund since it's less than $1. "When I owe them a nickel, I must pay them. It's not optional," he said. "But when they owe me, I have to ask for it." Howarth said he's not sure if there is a connection between the two notices, or if the refund represents a recalculation of the original bill. The perplexed lawyer said he called an IRS 800 telephone number but gave up after spending a long time on hold. IRS spokesman Luis D. Garcia said the agency doesn't comment on individual accounts.


They just collect but will not refund? What a predicament! LOL


Friday, January 2, 2009


Inaugural Challenge Trophy

The winners of the inaugural Dato' Shamsuddin Nawawi TenPin Bowling Challenge Trophy are:
  1. Fendi - 2412 {Champion}
  2. Hamzah Amin - 2347
  3. Mohd Nor - 2346
  4. Abd Rasheed - 2307
  5. Hafiz - 2300
  6. Apiss - 2297
  7. Dato' Abu Bakar - 2294
  8. Haji Shahimi - 2269
  9. Salwa Mamat - 2250
  10. Dato' Shamsuddin - 2236
  11. Kamal Ariffin - 2225
  12. Wan Zuhaini - 2224
  13. Abd Wahab - 2216
  14. Azhar Shamsuddin - 2214
  15. Alex Tong - 2210
  16. Lazi Sudin - 2208
  17. Ah Meng - 2205
  18. Shahrom - 2180
  19. Hamzah Mohd - 2170
  20. Rafee - 2168

The tournament was held on the 1st of January 2009 at the Mega Lanes Kuantan Pahang. 31 bowlers invited by me played over 12 games nonstop from 10.45 am till about 3.00 pm. Thereafter we adjourned for lunch of nasi briani at Aliff Restaurant.

I sincerely wish to thank Dennis Chew, Syed Mohsin, Kay, Alice and Sherry for the superb organisation and the scoring. A special thank you to Castello and Hamzah Amin for the splendid arrangement with the Mega Lanes management. To Azza, Shahrom ,Haji Anuar, Ah Meng, Ngau, Azhar, Haji Azmi, Akob, Rafee, Salwa, Apiss and Hafiz, thank you for the support. To Haji Shahimi and Awang, thank you for sharing the lanes where I scored 225. To Alex Tong, I will keep your money till you come back to beat me. To Dato' Burn and Tuan Wahab, both your presence had made the tournament meaningful. And to all the rest who had been a good sport.
To Fendi especially, you can keep the trophy for a week and after you had finished taking pictures with it, please return it to be displayed at my office. The same trophy will be up for grab next year! Hopefully next year, the champion's prize money will be raised!

Happy New Year 2009 and for those who had not won anything, please train hard and who knows you might get invited again next year 2010.


Thursday, January 1, 2009


Case of Seruan Gemilang Suing the Govt. of Pahang

  1. Seruan Gemilang Sdn Bhd, a logging company had sued the Government of Pahang for the sum of RM37 million. The case was last heard in the Kuantan High Court on the 31st day of December 2008 and was postponed to the 20th day of March 2009.
  2. It have received so much publicity especially among the Opposition members.
  3. Not many people know the actual status of the Court case and it was made out that the Government of Pahang will have to pay the company a total sum of RM60 million.
In a few days I will be writing on the case and will reveal the actual issues raised and the present status of the claim. The Goverment of Pahang had also instituted a new claim against the Company and the writ is yet to be extracted from the Court. 

I will be writing on matters of public knowledge and will base my writing on documents duly made public i.e documents duly filed in Court. I will also be mindful of the thin line of the principle of sub judice. It may take sometime...


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