Thursday, July 3, 2008


If I am Anwar Ibrahim

What will I do if I am Anwar Ibrahim?
My wife & daughter are already MPs.
I had been the TPM of Malaysia once before.
No other way but I must be the PM of Malaysia and I want it fast. NOW.
I know not many people want me to be PM.
They say I am involved with sodomy, liwat, main bontot and all sorts of other names.
I was charged before. Some 10 years ago. I was acquitted but the grounds of judgment written by the Judges don't really suits me.
I must find ways to get the rakyat to really see me as not at all involved in any of the liwat activities.
I got this joker Saiful. His police report will not get me. I did not liwat him. So, no evidence nothing.
How could they say I main bontot. No!, Saiful made a false police report.
I will be free of any blame. I am not the descendant of Lut. I am not a sodomite. I will say that there is conspiracy. No!, its my own conspiracy.
I can be PM of Malaysia.
Are you kidding?



So what is happening to us?
SD is done freely, kejap ada, kejap takda
Dari segi undang2, tidakkah ini menghina/menyalahgunakan kemudahan undang2 yang sedia ada?

The rakyat is fed up with lack of focus on REAL issues
(if anyone wants to liwat, let him be answerable to Allah and undang2 jika didapati bersalah)and rata2 on the ground this is what people are saying "Kami bosan sebab masalah sebenar rakyat belum selesai".

I liked your earlier post on this: let the law decide.

Satu cerita lawak: my brother-in-law and friends were reading a newspaper on the day the liwat news came out.A friend passing by saw the n/paper heading and said,"woii..apa awak buat baca suratkhabar lama?" (thinking it was a 1998 n/paper!)
dato', care to write something about DSN. Balik2 nuar, nuar, nuar... boring la..
Dear Faridah,
SD is merely a statement made & affirmed b4 a Commissioner for Oath stating facts which are supposed to be true & in the knowledge of the deponent to the SD & can be challenged in the Ct of law.
Agree with U that SD have been misused widely & openly.
Nevertheless pls dont confuse the 2issues i.e the Liwat & SD. Liwat is against Anwar & the SD against Najib.
Agree with U that the REAL issues of the day have never been addressed properly by the Govt & its leaders.
Anwar wants to be the leader of the country by hook or crook & he is diverting our attention on his shortcomings by making allegations against Najib - the leader in the making.
But let me say this- THE ROT IS IN THE HEAD!
Joke : I got this sms. Pls check your balls. If u have 2 u r a man. If u hv 4..anda sedang di liwat..

Dear Srisemantan,
A good write up about DSN if U mean Dato Sri Najib can be found in Mat Tomoi & Sakmongkol.
If U mean DSN as Dato Siti Norhaliza, U have u ask Dato K.
If U mean DSN as Dato Shamsuddin Nawawi, U got it here....just kidding...hehehe
It's a game boys play.The 'best' player wins.It is after all politics.Kita tengok je lah dulu sapa yang hebat sangat.And how long the staying power is.

I heard another joke about roti canai kosong, tanpa telor.Have you heard this?

They call it roti canai dot dot (isikan nama pemimpin yang tak berani cabar tampuk kepimpinan).

Msians are so creative when commenting on local politics.Tapi jokes selalu X-rated.

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