Friday, July 11, 2008


Tips on how to change your lifestyle.

TALKING ABOUT CHANGING LIFESTYLE - we have to see how to change lifestyle for various categories of RAKYAT :

SUPER RICH (very small percentage)-no need to change life style

RICH- cut some overseas shopping trips (5 trips per month to 3 trips per month)

QUITE RICH (Income RM15,000 -RM20,000 per month)- change car from 4000cc + to 3,000 cc +. Cut down on some high teas at 5 star hotels

MIDDLE UPPER INCOME GROUP (monthly income RM6,000 -RM14,000)-Change car from 3000cc to 2500 cc. Cut down some dining out.

MIDDLE LOWER INCOME GROUP (RM4,000 -RM6000). Cut Astro subscription. Cut golf & gym memberships - Send back Indon maid (can't afford to pay salary anymore)

LOW UPPER INCOME GROUP ( RM3,000 -RM4,000). Cut Astro subscription. Replace airconds with ceiling fans. Eat lower grade rice

LOWER MIDDLE INCOME (RM2,000 -RM3,000). Cut Astro. Use fans. Switch off light by 11p.m. Sell off car, buy motorbike

LOWER LOWER INCOME (RM1,000 -RM2,000). Eat 2 meals a day instead of 3 meals a day. Use bicycle instead of motor bike

HARDCORE LOW INCOME (BELOW RM1,000/ RM300 PER MONTH) -STOP WATCHING TV (Electricity supply cut off. Can't afford to pay bill). Eat only 1 MEAL in 3 DAYS (plain rice with salt) from previously 2 meals a day. Walk to work (even 5km). If renting, move out to live under the bridge or cave. Eat and drink only to remain alive.......

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