Friday, July 11, 2008


The sepak terajang of politics

Yesterday I got this very cheeky sms.

"Ingatkan bulan 10 rupanya 2010"

I was wondering what it mean. Now I realise. It was the announcement made by Pak Lah. He will hand over power as President of UMNO & BN to Dato' Sri Najib. The sms sender was expecting it to happen in bulan 10 this year. He was surprised that it will happen in 2010 June!

23 more months is long time bro! Anything can happen. That's what I heard in the lift to the office this morning.

"Some have expressed concern that if the duration is that long, the situation will not become more convincing" That's what Tan Sri Mahyuddin said as reported in the The Star today.

"Its improper for Abdullah to hand over any post as it is an elected post" says Tengku Li.

Oh yes, 23 months is very long. A child can be born. Mungkin 2 anak pun boleh lahir dalam masa itu. Kalau kerja kuat!

Dato' Sri Najib was quoted as saying "It's not an easy matter to step down as Prime Minister...he is doing so and I am deeply touched"

Did Pak Lah say he is stepping down as PM? I did not hear that equivocally on all TV stations that I tuned to! TV 1, TV 2, TV3, Astro Awani, Astro Bernama all reported on Pak Lah handing over President of UMNO & BN to Dato Sri Najib in mid 2010. No mention of the post of PM!

Is it automatic that the President of UMNO & BN will be the PM. NO! Thats not true! What if BN is not the party that enjoy the majority in Parliament? Then some other person will become the PM!

By the end of the year, there will be party elections for all the component parties in BN. UMNO will have it in December this year. What if someone challenges Pak Lah and that someone wins? What is there for Pak Lah to hand over in mid 2010 to Dato Sri Najib? Say if Pak Lah were to win in December for the President post of UMNO but Dato Sri Najib loses to someone else as the Deputy President. Will Pak Lah still hand over the post of President to Dato Sri Najib in mid 2010?

Are we so sure that come December 2008, the President of UMNO is Pak Lah & the Deputy is Najib? Can we get the no contest situation as before?

Wow...there's so much to ponder and ask! Why the uncertainties? Why don't Pak Lah just say he is relinguishing the post by the date of the UMNO election in December. Why don't just say that as the President now, he wants Najib to take over? Najib can then announce his choice of Deputy. There will be no contest at all. I am so sure, if that be the situation.

Pak Lah is saying for the next 23 months he wants to see that all the projects for the rakyat will be carried out before he go. Come on. Najib can do that!

Tun M says during this 23-month period, lots of attacks will be levelled at Najib. I certainly agree with that. Can Najib survive the 23-month period is yet to be seen. There will be lots of sepak and terajang.

Pak Lah....if you have made out your minds to go...please go before the UMNO election in December. I say this because if there is a challenger to the post of President, UMNO members will not be worried to vote for him since Pak lah will be gone soon.

Pak Lah must resign with his dignity intact. Can't say if it will remain intact come mid 2010!


dear dato sam
Salut! for your piece on the transfer of power plan.(sepak terajang of politics) you are living up to your motto:-
whatsoever thoughts, ideas and writings in this blog belong solely to the author....bravo. well done
regards from sakmongkol
Dear Bro Sakmongkol ak47,

I do subscribe to my motto "At times thinking aloud. All the time Without Fear or Favour. Lies can be created but NO one can create the TRUTH!" too.
I strongly believe the general public feels the same as the one that I had expressed.

Bravo to you too bro. Your writings & thoughts made many wonder why must some good people "die earlier" and the lousy one keep clinging to the trees like parasites!

I know you know la bro...

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