Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Saiful - Are You Real?

I read today's NST page 6 titled "Hospital and doctor maybe hauled up over leaked report"
It's not about the title, it's the part on the Pusrawi doctor "Dr Mohamed Osman, in the leaked report, allegedly found "zero active bleeding", "zero ulcer or pus", "zero tear and scar" in Mohd Saiful's anus. The report "advised" Mohd Saiful to go to a government hospital so as "to rule out" assault and sodomy."

Well, well....they managed to read the doctor's handwriting.
Saiful saw this Dr. Osman and Dr. Osman found NOTHING wrong with Saiful's asshole!
I'm wondering why the word zero instead of NO. Why not NO active bleeding, NO ulcer or pus? Why zero? If you signal zero with your hand, it will look like a hole?

Will penetration of the asshole with the penis necessarily end up with bleeding, ulcer, pus, tear or scar? If that be the case, will people still do it? Does that mean NO SODOMY?

Surely there must be a way or a method created by those into the sodomy business, to make it pleasurable, without pain, without bleeding, ulcer, pus, tear and later scar!

Was Saiful complaining of being rape from the back or just being sodomised? Sodomised for the first time or many times already? Did Saiful say it was consensual or forced? Was he pierced open like a durian?

Was Saiful a virgin that there must be bleeding and so forth. They say, if your cycle a lot, you might also lose your virginity?

Was the assailant's penis so hard & tough (using Hotton Vitality Candy or Mentalk) that upon any thrusting will cause bleeding, ulcer, pus or tear and scar?
The asshole might not be like a vagina and surely, if from the time of Nabi Lut, people had started doing it, there must be pleasure in doing it, both to the penis and the asshole. Surely they must have used some form of lubricating oil or whatever........OH MY GOD....sounds like so dirty and I'm thinking of the "something else" that will come out of it!

Kilang kunyit tu bang!


Yalah..this case has turned all of us into porn writers! Bawak bersabar bang!

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