Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Gut Feelings

In Islam sodomy or liwat (Anal sex) is forbidden whether done with a man or a woman. In the case of the police report against Anwar Ibrahim, the alleged sodomy was with a man named Saiful.

10 years ago in 1998, Anwar Ibrahim (the Accused) was charged for sodomy too but was subsequently acquitted by the highest court of the country. Nevertheless the acquittal was based on technical grounds. Not on the ground that the act of sodomy did not happen. All the judges from the High Court, The Court of Appeal and the Federal Court agreed that there was sodomy but could not convict the accused on technical grounds.
The accused is no ordinary person. He inspire to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. Can the Malaysian public accept a Prime Minister who is involved with sodomy or liwat. No, not Malaysians as a whole, I guess. Liwat or sodomy is still a crime in Malaysia. If you are involved, you are like an animal or a human with bestiality tendencies.

Some how or rather, I have the gut feelings that the accused is trying his best to clear his name once and for all. Get the complainant to lodge a police report knowing that this time there is really no sodomy at all. Probably the complainant will be charged with lodging a false police report and is already sued by the accused. The accused can then announce to the whole world that he was framed in 1998 and here again in 2008 the conspirators are doing the same thing to him.

Thus he is cleared of any acts of sodomy or liwat. The boy is freed and the accused can continue to inspire to be the Prime Minister. He will be the smartest of all Prime Ministers and must be the Jack of all trade and master of none. None other than the greatest con job of all time.



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