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Oh my God.....I hate to say this! Anwar won hands down! Yes...I mean the debate with Shabery Cheek!

First, Anwar was allowed to make an ANNOUNCEMENT not an opening statement. He announced that he will turun harga minyak by 50 sen. From RM2.70 now to just RM2.20. That is equal to saying the increase in price of petrol from the previous RM1.92 was ok but just at 28 sen, please. From RM1.92 to RM2.20.

Will the rakyat percaya? Yes, definitely! How is he going to do it? Get RM5 billion from the IPPs & other extravagant profit making companies. Anwar is sparing Petronas from further contributions to the Government and he said Pakatan Rakyat is not against Petronas but the BN Government. He continued by saying if the BN MPs don't understand that "...problem kita ni!"

Next come the stupid idiotic question from one Nordin Kadri. He was not asking question but giving stupid idiotic unnecessary statement. The best part he did not know that when they debate about FUEL it includes OIL & GAS!

Why was Nordin Kadri there? Can't they get someone who know about OIL & GAS or in short FUEL? Nordin is no way near the FUEL industry!

Shabery berbuih mulut macam Abuya Al Shaari. Getek dan geli tengok. Kalau ye pun berilah dia segelas air!. He is no match to Anwar. He lacks the skill to debate. Going on personal attack don't win him the battle.

Debating needs the art of advocacy. When asking question you must make sure you know the answer. I am refering to Nordin again. How could he ask a question he did not even know the answer and the answer that came out from Anwar was just telling him...stupid you!

Both debaters are guilty of not answering direct questions. Shabery did not answer Zulkifli Sulong's question on the previously saved subsidy of RM4 Billion supposedly for the betterment of public transport in Lembah Klang. Anwar was not answering to Johan Jaafar's question on why the need to just reduce petrol price and not the whole inflation.

Anwar was laughing and joking while Shabery was stiff and tensed. They are worlds apart. Anwar was a real political animal and a great con. Shabery is just a rookie. Anwar talks about the rakyat miskin di kampung. Shabery talks about who founded Petronas. Shabery giving praises to Dr Mahathir for expending Petronas to the world. Did he forget what he said of Tun when he was in Semangat 46? Anwar capitalised on that a bit and it erased the 1974 Baling demonstration by Anwar. Sometime you "kill" your opponent not by direct kick but just by a mere light touch. Just like in bowling, the spare pin was taken by a mere light touch of the bowling ball.

All in all the public will buy what Anwar said. Petrol to them is just to get their vehicle moving from point A to B. You & me need petrol just for our cars and nothing else. If it is reduced by 50 sen we are more then happy. We don't eat or drink petrol !

If petrol will remain at this RM2.70, please then give us better public transportation as an alternative. Not in all places all over the country but just in major cities. KL, Penang, JB, Ipoh and Kuantan. Just imagine if you travel by bus in Kuantan. Worse if you are a Dato'. People will say "kokak punya Dato'!". If you are a YB....haprak punya YB!
But if you travel by bus in ada class la Dato'...tau jalan kat London. Tau nak naik London Bus & where to stop. Kalau naik Tube...pakai coat pulak tu. Cuba pakai kot naik LRT kat KL atau naik bas kat Kuantan.
Kat sini 500 meter pun orang naik kereta. Tak larat nak jalan. Panas.

Kita tengok nanti semasa Perhimpunan Agung UMNO di PWTC bulan December. Trafik Jam sana sini. Semua bawak kereta. Mana ada guna public transport datang dari Penang atau dari Pahang? Semua guna petrol.

Anwar is a political animal. Ajak dia debat sekali lagi entah apa pulak antics dia. Tajuk debat tu tajuk dia. Dia dah mula omong-omongkan sejak sebelum PRU 12 lagi.

It was a mistake! Shabery ingat dia Powerful. Rupa-rupanya dia dengan Nordin Kadri BLOODY FOOLS!


Memang isu debat tu sepatutnya isu menghentam kerajaan.. tetapi hats off jugak pada Shabery Cheek... dia still a gentleman sebab accept debat nie... Patutnya Anwar memang terus mengasak kerajaan danhentam kerajaan, tetapi dia jugak agak goyah dibeberapa ketika.

kalau orang yang debat tu lebih sharp, saya rasa Anwar boleh terkena...

Isu ini sememangnya isu yang sangat disadvantage pada government.. Semua orang sudah tentu menyokong harga minyak turun.. Tetapi saya rasa Anwar tidak menggunakan platform tersebut dengan se-optima mungkin untuk memberi pukulan KO kepada Shabery...

Apapun, debat ini tetap tidak dapat menurunkan harga minyak...

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