Thursday, July 17, 2008


Arrested, Questioned, Released on Police Bail.

Heard about Anwar Ibrahim been arrested yesterday. Can't really say whether he was arrested on allegation of sodomy or for failing to present himself at IPK KL.

From experience as a Magistrate in the 80's, it can't be for both. Police had investigated the allegation & the police report lodged by Saiful Bukhari and upon having reason to believe that an offence have been committed by the suspect, police have all the authority to arrest. Sodomy is an arrestable offence.
For not showing up at the IPK KL, I don't think it is an arrestable offence. Can't find it under the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC).

In the first place why was Anwar given the special treatment of an appointment with the police when he is a suspect? If it's you or me, the police will just come charging looking for you at the slightest of sight! The police will not set an appointment for you to present yourself at that Balai. Come on lah Anwar, be grateful that the police is still giving you preferred and special treatment!

Next is the questioning time. are lucky! When the police question you, you have your lawyer with you. If it's other Tom, Dick & Harry or Mat, Chong & Muthu; they will have to endure it themselves. The police will not even look at you immediately. You will be given the "cooling off" period in the lock-up first. Get you acquainted with the other suspects in the jammed smelly lock-up first. When they have the time, then only the police will give a hoot to you. That too if you want to confess. If not they will put a bucket over your head and when it's too heavy for and you are ready, they will then record your statement. Anwar, you get the CID Chief of Malaysia to take care of the investigation against you. If you are just another Mat, Chong or Muthu; it's just the most a Chief Inspector.

Now the released on police bail. If you are Mat or Chong or Muthu, you will not be released as yet. First, the police will get a Magistrate to issue an order for remand of at least 7 days. That too after the expiry of 24 hours. Maybe the Magistrate will not grant 7 days remand, but at least you will get 4 days. Still you are lucky to be arrested on Wednesday. If you are arrested on Saturday afternoon, you will rot in the lock-up till Monday morning since the 24 hours for production before the Magistrate did not count public holidays! Remember, the CPC give the Magistrate authority to grant remand order up to 14 days!

Anwar, you are lucky man! Stop complaining. If you did not sodomise anybody, what is there to worry? Repeat after me......Only lies can be created....You cannot create the truth! Can you put that in your thick head?


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