Monday, April 14, 2008


Leave Politics to Politicians. Civil Service to Civil Servants?

Leave politics to politicians, civil servants told

PUTRAJAYA: Civil servants should “let politics be handled by politicians” and concentrate on carrying out their administrative duties and responsibilities.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he did not want to hear complaints, particularly about staff at the Finance Ministry, that a project could not go on as planned because the matter was “stuck at the Treasury.”
“The Treasury should not act as a hindrance to the implementation of projects under the Ninth Malaysia Plan. In the last four years, we have planned many projects but there was not enough implementation. The mid-term review is currently going on.
“So, within these last few years under the 9MP, we have to further enhance our implementation. The Treasury is the main agency involved because many other ministries refer to it for vital decisions.
“I don’t want these projects to get stuck at the Treasury and for it to become the cause of delay,” he said in his speech at the ministry’s monthly assembly here Monday.
Abdullah, who is also the First Finance Minister, urged the ministry staff to continue re-training themselves and told them that they should not think of human capital development as only relevant to those entering universities.

Likewise Pak Lah should say "Leave the Civil Service To Civil Servants" to all politicians.



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