Thursday, April 10, 2008


It's NOT a big deal !!!

Pahang Umno secretary's resignation makes it easy for Adnan

KUANTAN, Wed: 9th April 2008 (NST Online edition which differ from NST Newspaper 10th April, 2008 Thursday)

Pahang Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob has described Datuk Ahmad Tajuddin Sulaiman’s resignation as Pahang Umno liaison secretary as the right choice to make.

"Indirectly, he has made my job easier as I don't have to sack him," he said in response to the resignation made on Monday.The Pahang Umno liaison chief also said that Ahmad Tajuddin was a gentleman as he made the decision to quit when he felt that he could no longer work for the party and its leadership. "It's not a big deal. Even the United Nations and Umno secretary-generals have to resign (when the time comes)," he said in jest. Asked who will replace Ahmad Tajuddin, Adnan said he had yet to decide although many candidates had offered themselves.
“I am in no hurry to fill the post as the state liaison committee has a dedicated executive secretary doing most of the job. Adnan said Ahmad Tajuddin's resignation would not affect Pahang Umno unity. "If he claimed that he received 1,800 SMS texts supporting him, I also receive 6,800 SMS texts from those who support me, including village heads," he said. Ahmad Tajuddin tendered his resignation after reiterating his call to supreme council members to resign over Umno's poor performance in the general election. The Paya Besar Umno divisional chief caused a furore among Umno leaders last Friday when he called for the mass resignation of Umno supreme council members. He claimed the move was appropriate as the party president should not be allowed to take complete responsibility for the party's poor performance. Adnan who is also a supreme council member said he would not resign as the call made by Ahmad Tajuddin was on his personal capacity. "The most important thing now is for us to listen to the people's grouses and help solve their problems," said Adnan who had visited eight of the 14 constituencies in Pahang to compile the people's complaints.

Jadual lawatan Turun Padang MB Pahang ke Bahagian-Bahagian UMNO seluruh Pahang berjumpa dengan AJK Bahagian, Pemuda, Wanita dan Puteri; Ketua, Naib Ketua, SU, Bendahari & Ketua Penerangan Cawangan serta Ketua & Naib Ketua Pemuda, Wanita & Puteri peringkat cawangan:-

Dalam semua sessi perjumpaan yang telah dibuat, ahli UMNO yang hadir melalui dialog dengan MB Pahang telah mengemukakan semua masalah dan isu yang berkaitan dengan Bahagian masing-masing.
Secara keseluruhannya Pahang masih tiada masalah besar dan "It's not a big deal" itu adalah tepat sekali. Pahang tetap makmur...



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